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Things To Do

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate relaxed vacation at Skydance Carmel Valley? Welcome to a place where tranquility takes center stage, offering a personalized approach to your getaway. Enjoy a diverse range of activities and services to help you unwind and recharge, ensuring there's something to cater to everyone's needs!

In The Area

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble Beach Golf Links on California's Monterey Peninsula is a timeless masterpiece, where each hole weaves through stunning coastal cliffs, cypress trees, and undulating fairways against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Renowned for its history of hosting major championships, this iconic course offers a challenging yet breathtaking experience, uniting the art of golf with the sheer beauty of nature's grandeur, making it an essential destination for enthusiasts worldwide.

The Hay

The Hay Course at Pebble Beach stands out as an inviting nine-hole par-3 course perfect for players of all ages, especially catering to younger enthusiasts and families. Crafted by Tiger Woods and TGR Design, its shorter yardage, ranging from 47 to 106 yards per hole, creates an ideal environment for kids to explore and enjoy the game. The layout's design, with manageable distances and exciting challenges, allows children to develop their skills while reveling in the picturesque setting of Pebble Beach.

Spyglass Hill, Spanish Bay & Monterey Peninsula Golf Courses

Spyglass Hill Golf Course: Demanding with narrow fairways, pine-lined paths, and ocean views. Spanish Bay Golf Links: Rugged coastal setting, dunes, and Scottish links ambiance. Monterey Peninsula Country Club: Two courses, Dunes and Shore, showcasing ocean panoramas and classic designs.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Nestled on California's coastline, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a captivating marine paradise, showcasing diverse Pacific ecosystems. With enchanting exhibits featuring jellyfish, sea otters, and vibrant kelp forests, it's an educational haven devoted to marine conservation, inviting visitors to marvel at and learn about ocean life while promoting a deeper understanding of marine wonders.

Carmel-by-the-sea village, shops and restaurants

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a fairy-tale village, lined with charming shops selling everything from artisan crafts to high-end fashion. Its streets hide delightful eateries offering diverse culinary experiences, from cozy bistros to upscale gourmet spots, creating an enchanting atmosphere for all who explore its winding pathways.

Big Sur

Big Sur, nestled along California's Highway 1, is a stunning stretch of rugged coastline renowned for its towering cliffs, ancient redwoods, and captivating vistas. From iconic landmarks like Bixby Creek Bridge to the serene McWay Falls, this untouched haven allures nature lovers and adventurers, offering a serene retreat amidst its raw and unspoiled natural beauty.

Point Lobos

Point Lobos, nestled along the rugged Californian coastline, is a coastal gem offering an enchanting tapestry of natural beauty. Its pristine coves, diverse marine life, and the vibrant hues of the Pacific Ocean blend seamlessly with windswept cypress trees and dramatic rock formations. The park’s scenic trails lead to breathtaking vistas, inviting exploration and discovery while providing a sanctuary for an array of wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers seeking to immerse themselves in its serene and captivating landscapes.

hike and horse ride Garland Ranch

Garland Ranch Regional Park offers picturesque trails for both hikers and horseback riders. With paths winding through oak woodlands and along tranquil creeks, it's a diverse landscape suitable for leisurely walks or more challenging hikes. Equestrian trails also cater to riders, providing a scenic experience for exploring the park on horseback.

spa at Bernardus

The spa at Bernardus Lodge is a serene oasis nestled within the scenic Carmel Valley. It's a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering an array of luxurious treatments designed to pamper and revitalize guests. From massages to facials and body treatments, each experience is tailored to promote wellness and tranquility. The spa's serene ambiance, coupled with skilled therapists and a range of indulgent amenities, creates an inviting space where guests can unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life amidst the beauty of the Carmel Valley.

Carmel village wine tasting

Carmel Village hosts diverse tasting rooms, from cozy family-owned spots to sophisticated venues, showcasing Monterey County's finest wines. It's a chance to explore and enjoy the region's diverse flavors in a welcoming atmosphere.

Carmel Valley river swim and tube

In Carmel Valley, the gentle Carmel River forms serene swimming spots and ideal tubing routes. Its crystal-clear waters create perfect places for a refreshing dip or a leisurely float amid picturesque landscapes. It's a peaceful escape into nature's beauty.

swim and walk at Carmel by the sea beach

Carmel-by-the-Sea beach invites leisurely walks along its expansive sandy expanse, perfect for soaking in the coastal beauty. The serene coastline offers opportunities for swimming, though the water tends to be brisk, and swimmers should exercise caution as there are no lifeguards on duty. It's an ideal place to enjoy a calming walk or take a refreshing dip, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean.

At the Villa

lazy days at villa lounging in hammock

The hammock at Skydance Carmel Valley cradles you amidst a verdant garden paradise. It offers a serene escape with breathtaking views of rolling hills and a tranquil atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to unwind.

sunrise and sunset days

Perched on the hilltop at Skydance Carmel, the view of both sunrise and sunset is simply awe-inspiring. Mornings break with a golden hue painting the sky, while evenings treat you to a stunning display of vibrant colors as the sun sets. From this elevated spot, nature's beauty unfolds daily, turning each dawn and dusk into a breathtaking spectacle.

family sports days on flat lawns

At Skydance Carmel, family sports days on the flat lawns are bustling with fun. With ample space, the level grounds host soccer, frisbee, and more, bringing everyone together for cheerful games and bonding moments amidst the beautiful setting.

cooking in outdoor kitchen

At Skydance Carmel, the outdoor kitchen pairs cooking with stunning views. It's a sensory treat, preparing meals amidst nature's beauty, infusing every dish with the magic of the outdoors.

family movie nights and sports events in one of 2 entertainment rooms

At Skydance Carmel, families enjoy movie nights and sports events in two lively entertainment rooms. It's where laughter echoes during movies and cheers fill the air for sports, creating memorable moments together.

private one mile hike on grounds

The private one-mile hike on Skydance Carmel's grounds is a serene exploration through nature's beauty. The trail winds through picturesque landscapes, offering a secluded and peaceful trek surrounded by lush greenery and captivating vistas. As you stroll along this exclusive path, the tranquility embraces you, making it a refreshing and intimate experience amidst the villa's stunning surroundings.

sipping wine around a fire pit

At Skydance Carmel, sipping wine around the fire pit is pure magic. The crackling flames set the scene for cozy conversations and memorable moments, making each sip of wine an experience to cherish.

the hot spa

Spa'ing in the hot spa at Skydance Carmel is pure relaxation amid stunning views. The warm waters soothe, melting away tension as you immerse yourself in serenity. It's a tranquil escape, where the therapeutic heat combines with the beauty of the surroundings, offering a rejuvenating experience that leaves you refreshed and renewed.

Picking a snack from our fruit trees

At Skydance Carmel, guests can pick pomegranates, apples, and plums from our fruit trees for a delicious and refreshing snack amidst the natural beauty.

Home Gym, Yoga and Stretching

At Skydance Carmel Valley, the Home Gym offers ample room for yoga and stretching. This dedicated space ensures a comfortable environment to flow through yoga poses. It provides an inviting sanctuary for wellness practices, allowing residents to unwind and embrace their fitness routines in a serene and tranquil setting.

Star Gazing

At Skydance, embrace stunning starry nights over the St. Lucia Preserve with an on-site telescope. The Preserve's Dark Skies designation offers unparalleled views, perfect for stargazing enthusiasts and those seeking the magic of an unobstructed night sky.